CP MICSHIELD® Internal coating for pipelines and sprinkler tubes

MIC-Shield protected fire hydrant


Special developed coatsystem for internal protection of sprinkler tubes to avoid MIC (Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion). In particular this type of corrosion caused a lot of major problems in sprinkler systems worldwide. CP MICSHIELD® is baked into the metal of the tubes and poses an excellent protection against all kinds of corrosion like:

  • Oxygen corrosion
  • Acid corrosion
  • Chloride corrosion
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • and especiall MIC.

Operation:  After the pretreatment blasting SA 3.0, a multi layer phenolic coat system will be applied  inside the pipelines with the patented tubelining machine. Each layer is separately burned on the metal in our polymerization oven. If the top layer is applied it will be treated in a final curing session in the polymerization oven, on a higher temperature allowing the cross linking between the individual coat layers. This creates a diffuse dense layer , which shut down the metal for solids, gases and liquids. The CP MIC-Shield® coat layer is long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion (MIC). Because the coating is burned on the metal will prevent against the so-called “ripping” effect what occurs in traditional applications and coatings. Because of  the ongoing corrosion underneath at a local damage, this “ripping” will let the coating detach and are chipping off. Eventually causing the sprinkler nozzle’s become clogged by those chips of coating. This is also the reason why a sprinkler system may only be treated internal with CP MIC-Shield®.

Proven: The base of the CP MIC-Shield® coating is found in the industrial cooler phenol coatings, which is used worldwide for over 40 years in the (petro) chemical and offshore. Thousands of items such as shell & tube coolers, ship coolers, piping, and air coolers are already been durably protected by this baked thermoset phenolic coatings.

Cost: Because CP MIC-Shield® coating is a durable product with a very long life expectancy, there are many expenses to save. Consider delaying or preventing corrosion damage, material costs, maintenance costs, inspection costs, repair costs, etc. Also adding the periodical supplements, as water treatment , involves many costs in a sprinkler system. Certainly in the long term a single treatment with MIC-Shield® coating is a very efficient way to cut costs with a sustainable solution which contributes to a positive environmental footprint.

15 year warranty seal

Warranty: With this unique solution, we are able to guarantee 15 years on pipelines which have been treated with our CP MIC-Shield® coating on detachment and MIC protection.

Trusted: Large pharmaceutical companies, government projects and Industry trust on CP MIC-Shield® for many years.