CP Phenolics B.V. provides a cleaning paste for high voltage insulators that is specially developed for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces:

Reliability is a key factor in modern industry when it comes to reducing injury-related downtime. The CP Phenolics® cleaning paste can significantly contribute to ensuring the reliability in specific applications, such as high voltage insulators, in many industries.

seaka paste

CP Phenolics® cleaning paste has been used for years in power stations, power plants, public utilities and railroads for the successful protection of ceramic, glass or plastic insulators. CP Phenolics® cleaning paste is non-toxic and easy to handle.
CP Phenolics® cleaning paste prevents dust and permanent water films on insulator and protects against flash-overs. The CP Phenolics® cleaning paste extends maintenance cycles and reduces downtime. CP Phenolics® cleaning paste is suitable for cleaning and protecting heavily soiled, smooth and scratch-resistant surfaces in one cycle. Simply apply with a cloth and polish. In areas with high humidity or air pollution, additional protection is recommended with silicone paste.

Flash-overs for insulators

Increasing environmental requirements

High-voltage insulators are increasingly chemically damaged by fly ash, caustic materials, salts, or by gaseous pollution of the air (sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride etc.) Erosion damage effects
the surfaces of the insulators.

Isolator before cleaning

Isolator after cleaning

Quality assurance with high voltage insulators

Rough, dirty insulators offer a suitable surface for the deposition of the
solids which are carried out in the air. In the dry state, the deposits will have a decreasing effect on the insulation. If moisture comes in you will cause a thin layer of water in which salts settle, these high levels of salt concentrations have devastating effects that can develop in the plant. The cleaning paste was developed after long-term tests and examinations that a single treatment of the insulator surface is generally sufficient for a good protection. Also, paint splatters, by maintenance have created a matte surface on the insulators, can be safely removed with detergent paste. In addition, it allows for easy and quick cleaning without damaging the enamel, also with strong marine pollution .On forms the treated surface is a highly effective silicone resin film that works water and dirt repellent with a lasting protective effect and prevents conductive water films For more safety. CP Phenolics® cleaning paste increases the surface resistance, causing the leakage current decreases with overhead wires. The cleaning procedures are very simple. The insulators are attached to clean dirt and dust with a cloth with CP Phenolics® cleaning paste and with a rotating polishing rubbing motion.

Product features

CP Phenolics® cleaning paste is not based on wax or solvents.

  • conforms to European Directive VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are not present.
  • Protective equipment for maintenance personnel is not necessary
  • treated surfaces dry out
  • provides a UV protective layer
  • excellent price / quality ratio (about 6m per tube of 750g)

Cost savings for rail network and trains

The CP Phenolics® cleaning paste is applied in three segments within
the maintenance of the railways.

1. Rail Infrastructure
For cleaning traffic signs such as the glass surfaces of traffic lights and signs contaminated brake dust and corrosion caused by airborne particles of iron rail. But also for the cleaning of thermoplastic plastic surfaces. CP Phenolics® cleaning pastes makes it easier to clean and increases the maintenance cycle.

2. Locomotives maintenance
Electrical insulators on the roofs of locomotives and wagons are moving targets for any kind of stubborn dirt. CP Phenolics® cleaning paste cleans and closed isolators, enabling trouble-free rail traffic possible.

3. HV distribution lines
The high-voltage grids of the national railways have the same requirements as where the electricity sector to meet. The cleaning paste can be applied in the same way for an appropriate and effective target

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