Bioclear MIC investigation

MIC research

Internal piping can be affected in many different ways, for example by corrosion or erosion corrosion. This is not the only threat, because alongside there is the threat of microbiological corrosion also lurking (MIC). MIC is a form of corrosion which is caused or accelerated by the biological activity of micro-organisms. MIC is considered to be involved in approximately 35% of the corrosion cases, and can localy cause  up to 100 times higher corrosion rates!

The presence of water is essential for the survival and growth of micro-organisms. An environment that is supplied with water and nutrients for microorganisms creates the ideal environment for (over) predominate.When these Micro-organisms are able to Influence the Corrosion process, we speak of MIC. These organisms can cause intense damage to their environment. They are able to accelerate the corrosion process in such a way (local), that there are serious metal losses occur in relatively short periods of time and cause leakages.

For the detection of MIC and the risks of MIC, CP Phenolics B.V. recently works with Bioclear Microbial Analysis. At Bioclear Microbial Analysis they have reliable microbiological DNA techniques to measure the presence and activity of MIC micro-organisms and to quantify. This may be identified how big the risk is that MIC will occur.In this way we, from CP Phenolics B.V., help to give solid advice to our customers about the correct choice of material and about whether or not to apply CP MIC-Shield® phenol coating.

The first step in a microbial analysis is the sampling of the system or object to be examined on MIC. Because sampling is such a crucial step in getting the right value and reliable data on microorganisms, we want to help you do this as easy as possible. That’s why we offer the specially designed sampling kits and methods, which in most cases you can take your own samples. By filling in the below address details you can quickly and easily receive this sampling kit for FREE.

We understand that in certain situations you prefer to a specialist who carries out or supervise the biosampling. In this case, we can come on site to help with the sampling procedure.

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